Quick Snack: Smoky Scamorza & Avocado Toast

toast avocado.jpg

Enjoy the subtle flavors of our smoky scamorza when it is fried on this easy to follow toast and avocado recipe! 


2 Slices of Bread
Sliced Avocados
Smoky Scamorza
Salt & Pepper
Optional: 2 fried Eggs


1. Heat a skillet on medium temperature. Slice your Smoky Scamorza (we used about  four slices for each slice of bread). Make sure to use cooking spray before placing the Smoky Scamorza slices on the pan so it does not stick. Flip slices so that each side is fried.

2. Toast your bread in the toaster to your preferred setting

3. When bread is ready add the Smoky Scamorza to your 2 slices of bread

4. Add Avocado slices (to your preference)

5. Add Salt & Pepper to your liking

6. If you would like to add 2 fried eggs. Cook those first, then fry your cheese. Add eggs first to your 2 slices of toast, then add Smoky Scamorza fried slices, add avocados, and top off with salt and pepper.