drayton harbor watershed award 2018

Drayton Harbor Watershed 2018 Award

Western Waves Dairy home of Ferndale Farmstead is Awarded Drayton Harbor Watershed 2018 Award


5 ways to create the ultimate holiday cheese board!

This holiday season, craft a beautiful and well-balanced cheese plate your guests will love!


Ferndale Farmstead Creates Authentic Artisan Cheese

Have you ever wondered when eating a pizza, panini or pasta dish, how exactly the ever-so-integral cheese is made? Have you stopped to ask why locally-produced artisan cheese differs from that of the Kraft or Tillamook you buy in the store....

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New Item at Costco

For a limited time we will be releasing an exclusive Costco 1 lb Caciotta wheel. Our award winning caciotta cheese has placed 3rd at the American Cheese Society Conference in 2017 and has won the People's Choice Award at the Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival. We are excited to share with you this traditional italian farmers style cheese, from our farm to your table- Enjoy!


Bellingham Business Journal

Ferndale family dairy finds success after branching into Italian cheesemaking

Cheesemaker Daniel Wavrin poses behind Scamorza cheese, which is hung on ropes to age, at Ferndale...